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Why fill landfill sites with your kitchen waste!?! Rather convert your waste¬†into an organic fertilizer. Worm Bins have for a long time been used in other countries to convert kitchen waste into a fertiliser called ‘vermicompost’ which can be used on all plants, trees, lawns, all pot plants (even orchids and bonsai), vegetables and virtually anything that grows in soil. This wormbin also provides you with worm tea.

Using your Worm Bin

When you receive your wormery it will be up and running, all that will be needed is for you to find a nice, protected and shady spot at home in which to place your Worm Bin. A week or so later, you will be able to start feeding your extended family.

< Earthworm Doggie Loos

Convert your doggie-poo into fertilizer for your garden!

Please note: not recommended for vegetable gardens.


If you would like to make your own wormbin we do have Red Wriggler worms available to purchase.

Commercial Worm Bin

This worm bin is mainly used for commercial use and is ideal for large homes or complexes. It is made from recycled and treated wood. Kitchen and some garden waste can be converted into vermicompost like the household wormbin.




We are importers of BABA plastic garden products.

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